Press Release: LANDSCHAFT | Da Mihi Gallery | April 2018

Adrián Navarro – Landschaft Ausstellung vom 14. April bis 12. Mai 2018 Malerei und Editionen Wir laden Sie herzlich ein: ▪ Vernissage am Freitag, 13. April, 18.00 – 20.00 Uhr, mit Kurzeinführung um 18.30 Uhr ▪ Öffentliche Führung am Donnerstag, 3. Mai, 19.00 – 19.30 Uhr ▪ Finissage am Samstag, 12. Mai, 14.00 – 16.00 […]

Adrián Navarro Tries to Forget | Edition T | 2016

Adrián Navarro Tries to Forget By Emily McDermott ART — 11.07.16 You could say that art is in Adrián Navarro’s blood. Nevertheless, it took him awhile to answer his calling as an painter. Growing up in Boston and Madrid, Navarro had access to world-class museums and galleries. His father was a painter and his childhood […]

Press Release | Screens: 12 Star Gallery | 2016

For this exhibition, Adrián Navarro (Boston, 1973) presents a selection of works from his latest series Screens and Fragments, both from 2016. Adrián Navarro’s artistic practice primarily deals with the material and immaterial qualities of space —he is concerned with formal aspects but also with notions like the ethereal and the affective. His paintings are […]

Press Release | Raumzeit: MAERZ Contemporary | 2016

Raumzeit Adrian Navarro Opening 4 March 2016   Maerz Contemporary Berlin is pleased to announce the upcoming show Raumzeit featuring the London based artist Adrian Navarro. His work characteristically depicts precise, intensely colored abstractions – spheres, planes and other spatial figures – revealing hidden dimensions seemingly beyond the canvas.   Adrian Navarro’s formal training as […]

Press Release – Rings and Fragments, Bern 2015

Adrián Navarro – «Rings and Fragments»

Ausstellung in der Galerie da Mihi vom 12. März bis 2. Mai 2015
Eröffnung am Donnerstag, 12. März 2015, 18.00 – 20.00 Uhr

Portal in eine neue Dimension: Die Gemälde des in London ansässigen bildenden Künstlers und Architekten Adrián Navarro (1973) lassen die Einschränkungen unserer Realität hinter sich. In der Galerie da Mihi sind unter dem Motto «Rings and Fragments» gross- und kleinformatige Gemälde Navarros zu sehen, in denen der Künst- ler mit architektonischer Präzision aus einzelnen Punkten dreidimensionale Bildräume entstehen lässt. Die psy- chedelisch anmutende Farbigkeit der Werke und ihre hypnotisierende Sogwirkung öffnen den Blick in eine an- dere Dimension. Der Künstler wird an der Vernissage exklusiv anwesend sein.

La lógica ingravidez de la Esfera

LAURA JURADO El Mundo 27/11/2014

La primera distancia fue el espacio creado entre obra y lienzo. En la invisibilidad de ese hueco se construía la realidad pictórica de Adrián Navarro. El mundo exterior y el interior estaban dentro mismo de la pieza. El continente y el contenido de un juego geométrico labrado con la tecnología heredada de su formación arquitectónica. La ingravidez obraba el milagro de la ilusión. La esfera, la paz artística de una evolución perpetua que presenta en la galería Maior bajo el título Espacios y Loops.

Funambulismo Tech

Escrito por Jacobo García-Germán, 2014

Quisiera señalar dos asuntos que desde hace ya tiempo rondan mi cabeza cada vez que contemplo el trabajo de Adrián Navarro, casi siempre fugazmente y siempre a través de la pantalla digital.

Press release – Espacio Rojo, Madrid, Sept 2013

Espacio Rojo
12 Sept to 30 Oct 2013.

Following his latest exhibition Ring Cycle in 2011, the Galería Pilar Serra presents Red Space, the latest project from Adrián Navarro forming part of his series Spaces. This series reinforces a line of investigation of his establishing connections between the pictorial medium, perception, architecture and abstraction.

Press release – Geometry of chance, San Francisco, July 2013

Mirus Gallery is pleased to announce Geometry of Chance, a group show featuring work by Morten Andersen, Claudio Drë, Gilbert1, Felipe Goncalves, Francesco Lo Castro, Alexey Luka, Mary McCarthy, Darren McManus, Grant Miller, Christine Morla, Robert Moya, Adrian Navarro, Nawer, LX One, Richard Roth, Mark Schoening, Vesod, and Leah Wolff. Geometry of Chance will examine the use of mathematical principles as applied through these artists’ distinct bodies of work.

Geometry has long held an important role in art history, with the two fields sharing the same foundational principles of line, shape, balance, symmetry, scale and proportion.

Attitude Magazine #51. May / June 2013

The ouvre of Adrián Navarro (Boston, 1973) could be described as a hypnotic earthquake in terms of its visual effect, after all, this is one of the premises of the illusory nature of painting.

His artistic career began in New York in 2001, and in 2006 he moved to London, where he finished his studies at Central Saint Martin´s College of Arts & Design.