The Ground is the Figure is the Ground

Written by Eduardo Vivanco, 2012

These large scale paintings, part of the two series Rings and Loops, are reflections in its two meanings —i.e., mental and optic or physical. Adrian Navarro puts in front of us a clear equivocation of figure and ground.

Der Boden ist die Form ist der Boden

Written by Eduardo Vivanco, 2012

Diese großformatigen Bilder, ein Teil der zwei Serien Ringe und Loopings sind Reflektionen im doppelten Sinne, geistig und optisch oder physisch. Adrian Navarro stellt uns vor eine klare Mehrdeutigkeit.

Press Release – In & Out at 60 Threadneedle Street Art Space, London

26 JANUARY- 15 APRIL 2012

60 Threadneedle Street Art Space is pleased to present ‘In and Out’, a new exhibition of work by London based artist Adrián Navarro.

Babelia, El País 30/04/2011

J. MADERUELO 30/04/2011

Escribía Leonardo en sus cuadernos: “La pittura è una cosa mentale”. Efectivamente, se pinta con la inteligencia y se ejecuta con las manos que se extienden con herramientas, desde el pincel al ordenador.

Press Release – Ring Cycle at Galería Pilar Serra

Ring Cycle
24 March to 9 May 2011
Opening Thursday 24 March 2011 ay eight p.m.

Following on from its passage through the Hammerson Art Space in London, Pilar Serra presents the Ring Cycle, the latest project from Adrian Navarro with which his painting strengthens itself along those lines that are so much his of establishing connections and distensions among the pictorial medium, reality, architecture and perception.

Press Release – Ring Cycle

Hammerson´s Emerging Artist Initiative is pleased to present a new exhibition of work by London based artist Adrian Navarro.

The space at 10 Gresham Street is dominated by Navarro´s new works: the Ring Series. This new cycle of paintings describe implosions of colour trapped inside a floating toroidal volume, as it rotates weightlessly in the space in four different depicted sequences.

Painting beyond Painting

A conversation between Breixo Viejo and Adrián Navarro

“Implosion is the process by which objects
are destroyed collapsing upon themselves,
concentrating matter and energy”

Breixo Viejo Right now you’re working on two sets of works. On the one hand, pictures in which the images appear framed in an oval; on the other, a series of four paintings of spheres.

Press Release – Implosion

“Implosion is the process by which objects are destroyed collapsing upon themselves, concentrating matter and energy”.

Invited by the Hammerson’s Emerging Artist Initiatitive, artist Adrian Navarro presents his second solo show in London, “Implosion”, a series of works combining painting and screen-printing on canvas, the outcome of a process which also involves installation, photography and the digital post-production of images.

Press Release – Common People


Artist Adrian Navarro presents a new series of works combining painting and screen-printing on canvas at the exhibition Common People which will take place at Ada Street Gallery. In contrast to his previous work, the outcome of intimate studio-based painterly activity, theCommon People paintings are individual and group portraits of urban character which arise from the artist’s direct contact with the city of London.

Exotic, Garage, Distracted Portraits

Written by Iván López Munuera, 2009

Portraiture as a genre has always had something of the eighteenth century herbarium, of taxonomy. In the portrait, each face – whether anonymous or recognisable, collective or individual – suddenly seems to acquire an unusual quality, as of a unique specimen, like those plants in Michel Adanson’s Histoire Naturelle du Sénégal, in which the divergences rather than the common points of different African species are shown.