The ouvre of Adrián Navarro (Boston, 1973) could be described as a hypnotic earthquake in terms of its visual effect, after all, this is one of the premises of the illusory nature of painting.

His artistic career began in New York in 2001, and in 2006 he moved to London, where he finished his studies at Central Saint Martin´s College of Arts & Design. Although it might be true that the plastic arts have historically been a source of inspiration for design and architecture, the opposite is also true in Navarro´s work. The vision and tools that he employs in this paradoxical exercise – expressed as an ongoing dichotomy between physical constraints and pictorial freedom – don´t leave us with any doubts, however, as to the influence of his initial graduation in architecture at Polytechnic University of Madrid. In fact, Adrián is transformed through his paintings into a creator of inhabited spaces, windows onto unreal landscapes revealing the effects of permeability and distancing.

Explosions of suspended colours retained in the `Spheres´ series – symbolize the tension between the opposites that epitomize the pulsation of life and the role of the body in the artificial world, like a counterpoint between lightness and heaviness.

This kaleidoscopic world has been shown in a variety of international exhibitions and is also part of private collections such as UBS Bank, Circa XX, Fundación AENA and Caja Madrid.