adrián navarro

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Wall #3, 2018. Oil on canvas. 195x140 cm

Wall #2, 2018. Oil on canvas. 195x140 cm




‘In and Out’ continues Navarro’s pictorial investigation delving into the system of perception of dynamic space, embodying movement, locomotion and the passage of time.

The show belongs to a wider project that Navarro has been developing recently, the so-called Ring Cycles. These series of paintings describe a floating toroidal figure as it rotates weightlessly in space containing an implosive organic matter. This three dimensional volume, the Ring, is represented in progressive stages, creating a rhythmical cycle of paintings that works as an animate installation in the gallery space.

Navarro’s visual exploration celebrates the dichotomy between physical confinement and expansive freedom in painting. The artist’s training as an architect becomes apparent in his approach, showing architecture’s ultimate function: creating habitable spaces. His paintings work as a window to an illusory landscape through a skin that creates the effect of permeability and detachment. The show title ‘In and Out’symbolizes the pulsation of life that plays tensely with the role of our body in the artificial world.

Press Release “In and Out”. Threadneedle Art Space. London, 2012