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Screen #3, 2016. Oil on canvas. 200x185 cm
Screen #4, 2016. Oil on canvas. 200x185 cm

... there is an unequivocally intensification of the grid in the Screen Series at the expense of the abstract layer that remains secluded behind it.

It is also true, however, that the circles that conform the grid have become ostensibly bigger allowing the abstract layer to be more visible. 

The grid is a constant element to be found in most of Adrián Navarro’s work.

A grid that resembles a lattice, an architectural element primarily used to conceal the private from the public but also commonly used to filter natural sunlight. Widely used in modernist architecture, Adrián’s use of it might respond not only to his need to create a porous skin for his bodily figures but also as an element to enhance the abstract-geometric nature of his work and as a source of light.

Screen #2, 2016. Oil on canvas. 132x160 cm

Screen #5, 2018. Oil on canvas. 130x200 cm

Screen #1, 2016. Oil on canvas. 185x122 cm
Screen Series in process. Studio view. London.

And what lays behind the grid are indeed richly coloured and rhythmic abstract compositions, fully abstract paintings that follow but also contribute to this long artistic tradition.

These interiors are carefully controlled chromatic combinations that Adrián uses to create the illusion of a dematerialised space that eventually loses its unity by the presence of the grid...

Antonio Ferrer— Adrián Navarro: SCREENS—London, 2016